Extra Credit Assignment

Portsmouth was a place where doctors dispensed prescription drugs more freely than anywhere else in the country. Many of the pills are synthetic opiates, which are similar to heroin. Mexican drug cartels provided delivery for the addicts. Portsmouth was called a  pill mill. Pill mills are where a doctor prescribes pills for cash without diagnosis of a problem. Doctors were taught how to run pill mills and then this leads to the spreading of pill mills. People would get addicted to the pills believing that well, “This is OK because it’s a doctor’s orders”. A drug addict wants one thing that the drug cartels could provide and that was reliability. These guys don’t like selling heroin. The dealers noticed that these addicts they were selling to were shoplifters. Families are trying to find some way of getting this kid off this dope and end up spending a lot of money. Sam Quinones talks about pills being sold to people by people they trust and getting led down a very dangerous road.

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