Lenoir-Rhyne University uses a unique style to draw audiences to the advertisement, while trying to persuade students to attend the school. For example, the title, “with sophistication, style, and southern charm. LRU Welcomes You” targets the reader individually, which is an attempt to convince him or her LRU is the best choice. This leads readers to be convinced that students who attend Lenoir Rhyne are very classy and formal, but many of the students are athletes coming from workouts who will be dressed comfortable.

45302 (1)In some research I did on Lenoir-Rhyne athletic department I found the factbook for 2015-2016. In Lenoir-Rhyne’s factbook on page seven it talks about Lenoir-Rhyne University athletics. The article leads into a paragraph that says, “Known as the Bears, the University’s athletic teams have been a longstanding source of pride and a vital part of student life. Lenoir Rhyne University’s NCAA Division II athletic program includes 22 intercollegiate athletic teams, 11 for men and 11 for women, which compete in the South Atlantic Conference. During 2015-2016, 571 students participated in LR athletics.” If the athletics were viewed as such a source of pride and a big part of student life for the university, how come no athletes were pictured in the advertisement? The answer is simple, Lenoir-Rhyne is trying to use style to quickly tell whoever is reading the advertisement about their education programs. Readers can interpret this from the advertisement that says, “students at Lenoir-Rhyne bring a sense of style as polished as our programs of study.”

Lenoir-Rhyne’s advertisement shows five people dressed formally, but alike in different shades of blue. In a brief description of the school it is included, “donned in suits, skirts, and seersucker”, but neither of the two male figures in the ad are pictured with a suit on. The advertisement features four people of white ethnicity and one person of black ethnicity. Someone could also make the claim that no one is shown in seersucker, but this can not be confirmed as easily. Seersucker is a thin, puckered, all-cotton fabric, commonly striped or chequered, used to make clothing for spring and summer wear. The students are standing in such a way that it makes the advertisement seem very forced and unrealistic. The featured students are precisely placed in front of the bear, which leads the reader to subconsciously look behind the students and see the bear.

76574 (1)The advertisement is directed more at parents and grandparents than it is at the potential students. The advertisement is trying to convince the parents that Lenoir-Rhyne is the school their child should be attending and it is good enough for their children. I do not see why the advertisement would not feature at least one athlete because many people attend certain colleges just to play the sport that they love. Lenoir-Rhyne wants to portray being very classy and put together to appeal to people of an older age, but shouldn’t they also want to appeal to the students who may look at the advertisement?

3 thoughts on “LRU AD

  1. Overall, the analysis supported a consistent theme that the Lenoir-Rhyne University advertisement does not represent the truth. The structure could be fixed by using transition words to help the flow, and things like sentence structure need to be checked. Furthermore, you’re writing presented a good topic and was not only supported by information from the advertisement, but you also brought in outside research to support your thesis. In summary, You’re analysis was consistent with topic, but grammar and structure could be worked on.


  2. I think that the analysis of the Lenoir-Rhyne advertisement was done very well. I would consider the use of going and finding extra information about Lenoir- Rhyne the most effective aspect. I also think that one of the effective aspects is leaving the viewer with a question at the end. The only revision I would add is to talk about and describe the advertisement at the beginning instead of the middle of the essay.


  3. Breanna,
    Your textual analysis,” LRU AD,” has the potential to present an insightful examination of the Lenoir-Rhyne University advertisement featured in the August 2015 issue of Our State magazine. However, your essay doesn’t comply with several of the assignment’s guidelines. Addressing those issues and editing to eliminate errors or punctuation and diction could transform your essay into a strong one.


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