Struggle bus

When I was in elementary school I struggled with basic tasks such as comprehension and writing. For example, when I was in second grade I could not read very well or comprehend what I was reading. I remember getting pulled out of my classroom to go with Ms. Jolly and another student to a seperate room where we would read Toad and Frog are Friends at a round table. I think that’s what it was called. We read other books, but I don’t really remember anything about them. I have no clue why I remember reading Toad and Frog the most vividly, but I think its because it was the first book I was able to read and understand completely. I did this two times a week in elementary school for two years until I eventually got better at comprehension.Image result for writing

I remember in fifth grade we had to do a project on an arctic animal. I didn’t really know any animals other than the polar bear and penguins, but those had already been picked. So I picked the arctic fox. It was easy to find the information, but hard for me to put into my own words. Ms. Jolly had taught me how to read and look for information, but never worked with me on formating it into my own words. So it was even harder to put into into a paragraph. Looking back I think it’s ridiculous I couldn’t write a paragraph on something so easy and childish. I wish I could go back and write about easy things like this project instead of writing APA or MLA essays. I hate writing essays. I really disliked writing this to because I can’t think of anything I want to write about.2851 (2).jpg

Image result for toad and frog are friends pdfI also remember in ninth grade when we read the story of Romeo and Juliet and had to write a big essay about it. We also had to do a socratic seminar with questions from the passage that tied into modern times. I knew what I wanted to write about for my essay, but it was hard to put it into the correct format in a way that made sense enough to get a good grade. I think I ended up making a 94 on this essay and a 89 on the socratic seminar. This was the first essay that I wrote that I actually liked the format and how the information flowed together. I guess my struggles are the same as they used to be. This is the reason I have decided to title this struggle bus and also because you ride to school on a bus. So I guess my question could be, will I ever conquer these small battles that torture me so much?

2 thoughts on “Struggle bus

  1. Your writing was great and the way you set it up was also great. Your title was very simple, but did tie into your writing. I liked how vivid your detail was and how you talked about remembering being pulled out of class to read with a specific teacher. I also liked how you included a picture of the book you remember reading.


  2. Breanna,
    “Struggle Bus,” offers a thoughtful look at your reading and writing experiences from second grade, fifth grade, and ninth grade, but your paper is a series of anecdotes rather than a coherent narrative. Developing one of your anecdotes, fashioning graceful transitions, and eliminating errors of punctuation, spelling, and style would strengthen the essay.


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