My best friends name is Willow Jane. She is a 1 year old black goldendoodle. Willow is a second generation doodle. This means her mom is a goldendoodle and her dad is a poodle instead of her mom being a golden retriever. This means Willow is a F1b goldendoodle. Willow enjoys playing ball, swimming in her swimming pool, and going for runs. Willow also thinks its funny to play tag at 5am when she escapes my house.

2 thoughts on “Willow

  1. This post does really well with capturing the attention of the reader. There is a dog and she is very good. The fun facts about her also help to keep the reader interested. The only thing I would critique is the your sentence transition words. Don’t just start with her name every time. 😛


  2. Bre, “Willow” offers a thoughtful look at your one-year-old black goldendoodle. Crafting a title that expresses an idea or detail about Willow Jane, developing your introduction into a paragraph, or paragraphs, of at least one-hundred words, correcting punctuation errors, and eliminating repetition and faulty parallelism would strengthen the post.


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