The passageway

Gordale scar was painted by James Ward. In the painting it shows a limestone cliff with with a variety of animals in the middle. Toward the back of the painting a waterfall is shown. The waterfall catches the viewers attention by being a bright shade of light blue and white in the dark passageway. Ward used a lot of dark tones in this piece, such as in the sky dark clouds are shown, the cliffs are a dreary gray. I decided to name my blog post “The passageway” because the seperation of the cliff by the river led to a passageway for many animals such as cattle and deer.
Works cited
Ward, James. Gordale Scar. The norton Anthology of  British Literature: The Romantic Period. 10th ed. Stephen Greenblatt, General Editor. W.W. Norton, 2017. p.C4

One thought on “The passageway

  1. Breanna, “The Passageway” offers a thoughtful examination of James Ward’s Gordale Scar, but it doesn’t draw any parallels between Ward’s painting and one of the Romantic-period works that you’ve read for class. Adding that comparison and correcting errors of punctuation and style would strengthen the post.


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